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Doodly vs Toonly: A Detailed Comparison

doodly vs toonly whiteboard video software comparison

Modern technologies help us create eye-catching videos for various purposes e.g. social media and other platforms. The demand for video content is at its peak, and it shows no signs of slowing down. In the coming years, visual content will hold great importance for businesses and social media creators.

A special kind of visual content, whiteboard animation includes a hand holding a pen that sketches different characters on the screen.

But how are these videos created? While there are tons of software you will find in the marketplace, the two most popular options are Doodly and Toonly. There is a constant debate among the users that which software is worth buying, Doodly or Toonly?

doodly vs toonly whiteboard video software comparison

This software draws in images, adds texts, and puts them in different parts of the videos. These visual videos are also known as cartoon explainer videos. Business owners can use visual content to showcase their products/services to their potential audience. Even teachers can use these videos to create explainer videos.

If you are the one – looking for the answer to this question, then you have arrived at the right place. Here we will discuss a detailed comparison of Doodly and Toonly and help you find the right tool to satisfy your needs. So, let’s get started.

What Is Doodly?

Doodly is a leading whiteboard animation software and it is a go-to tool for beginners. This tool is simple to use and offers drag and drop functionality. Anyone with no prior technical knowledge can use this tool with ease.

Moreover, Doodly comes with several features that set it apart from other tools in the marketplace. It offers thousands of stock image libraries and sounds. However, it makes it easier for users to choose the images within the platform and they don’t have to move to a third-party website to download the image.

You can also edit the videos by changing their overall appearance, scenes, and styles to satisfy your needs. Overall, Doodly is an ideal platform to create eye-catching animated videos. It also works with Windows and Mac.

Features of Doodly

So, now you have a glimpse of what exactly Doodly is, let’s discuss some of its best features:

1. Easy Video Editing

Needless to say, video creation and editing are complex processes. Therefore, investing in a tool that streamlines the video creation process can be your best bet. Luckily, Doodly is an easy-to-use tool that makes the video editing and creating process simpler. It allows you to tweak several aspects of the video, such as the timeline, duplicating videos, deleting videos, and much more. Moreover, you can edit the length of each stage that you sketch.

2. Multiple Hand Styles

You will find tons of animation software claiming to be the best in the market. However, they lack some features. For example, some tools offer limited hand styles and cartoon hand styles. However, this is not the case with Doodly. It offers 15 real hand styles and 13 cartoon hand styles.

3. SmartDraw Technology

Doodly uses a SmartDraw technology where you can draw images with ease. With the use of this technology, you can create point-and-click custom draw paths that allow you to draw anything you upload.

4. Royalty-Free Music

Doodly offers tons of royalty-free music to its users. However, the number of tracks you get depends on the package you use. Yes, Doodly isn’t free. In the gold package, you will get 20 tracks. Whereas, in the platinum one, you will get 40 tracks. The expensive one is the enterprise package in which you will get 80 tracks.

5. Easy To Export

When you are done creating your video, you can easily export it and share it with your friends. Moreover, you can even directly publish it on YouTube or social media handles. Choose the frame rate, resolution, and file location, and you are done!

Disadvantages Of Doodly

Every tool comes with several pros and cons – and Doodly is no exception. By understanding the features and disadvantages of both tools, you can better decide Toonly vs Doodly – which software is worth buying. So, let’s get started:

Exporting Is Slow

The biggest disadvantage of Doodly is slow exporting. It takes around 45 minutes to render a 5-minute-long video. Comparing it with other tools in the market, Doodly is very slow in terms of exporting.

No Voice Over Recording

Another feature that Doodly lacks is the voice-over recording. The users have to use third-party software to record the voice and then import it into the tool.

No Free Trial

A free trial gives users deep insight into the features, pros, and cons. However, Doodly doesn’t offer a free trial to its users. Thus, it becomes difficult for the users to decide whether Doodly is worth an investment or not. But it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can ask for a refund if the tool doesn’t appeal to you.

No Offline Use

While Doodly saves all the projects on the Cloud, you can’t use it offline. If you don’t have a strong internet connection, you may struggle to use the tool.

What Is Toonly?

While Doodly is a whiteboard animation software, Toonly is a cartoon explainer video tool. It also comes with several amazing features that help users to create stunning explainer videos.

Toonly is an ideal tool to create explainer videos, review videos, ad videos, product videos, etc. Anyone can get started with Toonly as it also requires no technical skills and background. Simply, choose the right background and drag and drop your character to the screen. It can help you boost engagement on social media as audiences love to watch cartoon animated videos.

Features of ToonlyToonly also offers several features like Doodly. Let’s discuss some of them:

1. Characters And Animations

Toonly will never disappoint you in terms of characters and animations. It offers tons of characters of all ages and gender and you will get confused about which one to choose. You can make these characters to life by choosing the pre-animated actions you want them to perform in your videos.

2. Backgrounds And Audio

When it comes to praising this tool, the words will fall short. It offers plenty of backgrounds and audios to choose from that cover several themes and topics. Also, you can upload JPEG and PNG files if you want to use your own designs.

3. Camera Features

Toonly offers a camera feature through which you can zoom in and zoom out, pan left and right, and tilt up and down your videos. You can also use this feature to add special effects to your videos.

4. Video Importing And Exporting

Toonly allows you to export the videos to other devices and upload them directly on YouTube or social media. You can download your videos in the formats like MP4, OGG, WebM, and MKV. Also, you can save your video in multiple resolutions like 480p, 4k, or 2160p.

Disadvantages of Toonly

Here are some of the disadvantages of Toonly:

No Free Trial

Like Doodly, Toonly also doesn’t offer a free trial to its users. So, it may be challenging for you to decide whether it is worth it or not.

No Auto-Save Feature

Toonly doesn’t autosave your projects. You have to do it all manually.

Not Suitable For Longer Videos

If you want to create longer videos, such as 10 minutes, then this tool isn’t for you. If you try to do so, your system will hang and will show an error on the screen.

Can’t Change The Ratio

It only offers one ratio of 16:9 which is good for YouTube, but not for social media.

Toonly Vs Doodly: Which Software Is Worth Buying?

So, now we have discussed the features and cons of both tools, Toonly vs Doodly: which software is worth buying? Well, both these tools are used for different purposes. Toonly is used to create cartoon explainer videos, whereas Doodly is a whiteboard animation software.

However, in terms of pricing, there is no such difference between these tools. They both require a one-time investment of $67. That means, if you want to get both of these tools, you will have to shell out $134. For $67, you will get access to the basic features. With a one-time license of Doodly, you can only create black and white videos and not the colored ones.

In terms of features, Toonly offers 200 characters, 20 background scenes, and 20 music tracks. Doodly offers 200+ custom poses, 20 scenes, and 200 props. The major difference between them is that Doodly requires an internet connection to work on, while Toonly doesn’t. This is something you must consider when deciding Toonly vs Doodly: which software is worth buying.

It is wise to know that Toonly is created by the creative designing team of Doodly. For that reason, there is no major difference between these tools.


And there you go!

We hope this comparison, Toonly vs Doodly, has helped you decide which tool is worth an investment. However, before spending your money on these tools, it is wise to experiment with them to decide whether it suits your needs or not.

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