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Key Reasons to Use Whiteboard Animations to Enhance Marketing

Key Rto Use Whiteboard Animations to Enhance Marketing

Whiteboard animation videos have become one of the most effective marketing tools. Businesses use these videos to enhance audience engagement. You can add fun or humor in whiteboard animation videos to entertain the viewers. 

In these videos, the whiteboard-like animation is used in the background to explain something or to tell a story. Whiteboard videos are ideal for conveying the message to the audience, and they keep viewers engaged.

That is why it has become a widely used advertising and marketing tool. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss why you should add whiteboard animation videos to promote your business.

What is a Whiteboard Animation Video?

Whiteboard animation is a video format in which a hand appears to draw illustrations on a white background. People usually use narration that explains to the audience the entire story. Nowadays, most marketers use whiteboard animated videos to enhance their marketing, explain their concept, and user onboarding.

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Why use Whiteboard Animations?

It is essential to use various tools to enhance marketing. Whiteboard animated videos create your brand image, build your digital footprint and capture the audience’s attention.

Let’s look at the following benefits that help you understand why you should incorporate whiteboard animation to leverage your marketing.

Cover Multiple Ideas at Once

Marketers want a video format that allows them to convey numerous ideas into a narration that connects the audience with your brand and gives your business a competitive edge. Whiteboard animation helps you in achieving these objectives. It allows you to explain your ideas, concepts, and messages with a narration to which the audience can easily understand and relate.

It is Cost Effective

Video marketing has become one of the most effective marketing tools. Marketers use motion design, animated videos, GIFs, and live-motion videos to enhance their marketing strategy.

Some people wrongly perceive that video marketing can only be done with a live-motion video, and they need to hire actors to film the project. Nowadays, many companies create live-motion videos.

It is cost-effective as you don’t need to hire actors, set, and decoration, unlike we have to do these things in live-action videos. So, it is a budget-friendly option that helps you convey your brand’s message to the audience.

Enrich your Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the first preference of marketers, as social media networks have a lot of marketing potential. It always requires unique content because viewers admire the content if it is creative and engaging.

You might wonder why creating a new whiteboard animated video for social media posts would be expensive. Yes, it is a costly option, but the best thing is to re-use whiteboard animated videos on social networks often to increase your customer base and followers.

For instance, these networks provide you the feature of pinned posts on Facebook or Twitter, highlighted stories on Instagram, etc. So, you can incorporate whiteboard animated explainer videos to create your brand image in front of the viewers.

It allows you to connect with the audience who visit your social media profile for the new audience segment.

Adds Humor to your Content

The best thing about whiteboard videos is that you can add humor to these videos and deliver your message to the audience more effectively. Viewers prefer to watch these videos because it includes a fun element and makes them happy.

Use humor in your script, animated characters, and visually appealing metaphors to enrich your digital marketing and branding to the next level. The audience admires whiteboard explainer videos and gives positive feedback to this type of content.

If you are still confused, you can check viewers’ feedback on various whiteboard videos of brands.

Make Complex Concepts into an Engaging Story

You can use storytelling techniques to make it more appealing to the audience. Whiteboard videos are an ideal way to tell your story to the audience because you can use engaging narration and eye-catchy visuals in these videos.

It enables businesses to explain tedious and complicated concepts in an easy-to-understand message with illustrations and a voice-over. So, how complex the information you want to share, whiteboard animation makes your communication with viewers easy.

Increase Audience’s Engagement

Every company’s objective is to create a robust presence on online platforms. In this competitive market environment, it has become challenging for businesses to stand on digital platforms.

If you want to capture the customers’ attention on digital platforms, use whiteboard animated video in your marketing strategy.

Whiteboard animated videos give your brand a competitive edge on online platforms and make your content more appealing to the audience. 

Incorporate whiteboard animated video to connect with your target audience on emails, websites, social media networks, mobile applications, and other platforms.

Enhance Website Traffic & Conversion Rates

Most marketers use animation to tell their brand story to the audience. Nowadays, the textual content is not enough to grab the audience’s attention and improve traffic. Incorporating whiteboard animation help in improving the website traffic and increase the sale and revenue of your business.

You might be wondering about the whiteboard animated video cost; most animation agencies charge between $2,800 to $35,000 for a one-minute duration video.

Leverage your Social Media Marketing

You can use whiteboard animated videos for your social media advertising and social media posts. Using whiteboard animated videos on social networks is one of the best ways to convey your message to the target audience. Users like and share these videos, increasing your posts’ reach, clicks, views, sales, and shareability.

Moreover, YouTube has a lot of marketing potential because every month, almost 300 billion searches people conduct alone on YouTube. If you want to target the audience on YouTube, a whiteboard animated video is one of the best options to enhance your marketing.

You can use it for Storytelling

Use whiteboard animated video and narrate your company’s story. Undoubtedly, whiteboard animation is one of the best options that marketers can use to tell their brand’s story. We have seen the efficiency of whiteboard animation in various animated videos and movies.

If you are not using whiteboard animation, you miss an excellent opportunity to convey your message to the audience in an easy-to-understand manner.

Enrich your Marketing Activities

The ultimate objective of every marketing strategy is to explain the features and benefits of a product or service. If customers understand the key features of your service or product, they will select your brand over competitors. Using whiteboard animation helps you highlight your product features easily.

Enhance Customer Retention

Whiteboard animation is one of the most creative tools that help explain a product or service. It attracts the audience’s attention and convinces them to spend more time on your website.

From a scientific perspective, whiteboard animations capture the audience’s attention because they trigger the viewers’ emotions. In whiteboard animation, a hand sketches things on a whiteboard to make the complex concepts easy to understand.

Viewers prefer to watch these videos to increase their knowledge about a product, service, or any concept. When an animator explains things by drawing, it is easy for the audience to memorize them. It increases audience engagement and enhances your brand awareness.

Improve Shareability of Videos

The beauty of whiteboard animated videos is that they provide viewers the valuable information with visually engaging drawings. Moreover, social media users love to watch and share these videos on social media networks.

Businesses need to build a digital footprint on social networks, increasing their brand awareness. Social media audience watches and shares your whiteboard animated video on social networks that are ideal for your brand’s marketing.

That is why it has become the first preference of marketers to use these videos to enhance their marketing. If you want to market your product or services, you need to add whiteboard animation to your social media marketing strategy.

It saves your Video Production Time

Undoubtedly, whiteboard animated videos are easy to produce and require less time; you can create them in less time and meet strict deadlines if necessary. It is one of the easiest forms of animated videos because it is created on a simple whiteboard. A simple drawing can do wonders if you use whiteboard animated videos.

Closing Remarks

In recent years, marketers have seen a significant increase in the use of whiteboard animated videos. Businesses also use these videos to convey their message to the audience effectively.

We have discussed the reasons why you should incorporate whiteboard animated videos in your marketing strategy. Businesses use these videos to create a brand identity on digital platforms. In this digital era, it is essential to build an online presence because people nowadays search for every brand online.

If they don’t find you on digital platforms, it gives them a negative impression of your organization.

You can hire an animation agency for whiteboard animated videos. One such agency is BuzzFlick; they have a track record of creating top-notch videos for businesses. They have their animation studios in California.

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